Marek Kukula

Thursday, July 5 2018 at 8:00PM

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7 Market Hill
S70 2PX

Marek Kukula

What's the talk about?

For more than half a century Doctor Who has been transporting viewers to adventures across the whole of space and time. In the process the series has explored a huge range of scientific ideas from black holes to alien life and artificial intelligence while, in the form of the Doctor, it’s given us an image of the scientist as hero and heroine: brave, rational and endlessly curious.

As a young Doctor Who fan growing up in Barnsley the series inspired Marek Kukula to pursue a career in astronomy and after a stint studying galaxies with the Hubble Space Telescope he is now the Public Astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. Marek recently teamed up with writer Simon Guerrier to produce The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who, a book that explores the facts behind the fiction. Doctor Who may not always get its science completely right but, like all great science fiction, it reminds us that the universe is an amazing place and that, even without a Tardis, a curious mind can find adventures anywhere.