A Critical Examination

Jonathan M.S. Pearce

Monday, December 7 2015 at 8:00PM

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7 Market Hill
S70 2PX


Jonathan M.S. Pearce

What's the talk about?

The nativity of Jesus carries much cultural recognition, but does the Biblical narrative command much support in the academic world? Is it a story which holds much historical truth, or were the Biblical accounts of the birth of Jesus simply an opportunity for the authors to impart their theological beliefs?

In this presentation, based on his book, teacher, author, blogger and philosopher, Jonathan M.S. Pearce will set out the main problems with the historical reliability of the two infancy narratives, and build a cumulative case for objecting to the historicity of the Gospel’s nativity accounts.

Jonathan is a teacher and author from South Hampshire, who has dedicated many years of his life to all manner of things philosophical and theological. He is currently studying for a Masters in Philosophy, and is a founder member of the Tippling Philosophers, a friendly group of disparate believers and non-believers based in Hampshire.

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